Your Library is now FINE FREE!

NO MORE FINES!  That’s right!  You read that correctly! 

Our goal is to provide free access to information and library services to all Pendleton County citizens regardless of financial means. We want to create a more positive atmosphere, to be understanding and flexible, and to remove barriers that may prohibit members of our community from using the Library.  Late fees for overdue items were discovered to be one of the most common barriers, so we’re getting rid of them!

Beginning December 3, 2017 the Pendleton County Public Library no longer charges late fees for items past due.  If you currently have late fines on your library card account, just stop by and let us know.  We can remove them for you.  Please keep in mind, we cannot remove fines for items lost or damaged.  Those will need to be paid.  Items will still have a due date and we ask that you make your best effort to return materials on time so that others have the opportunity enjoy them as well.  If you do not return items on time, your library card privileges will be stopped until the items are returned or reported lost and paid for.  

We understand that sometime life gets hectic, and we are here for you through it all!