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Have you seen the technology available at the Pendleton County Public Library?

  • Free WiFi
  • 24 public access computers
  • 2 Computers with scanners
  • 3 early literacy stations
  • Technical Assistance
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Internet Access/Computer Use

Created 6-16-1999

Revised 11-20-14


The Pendleton County Public Library is committed to its role in serving the information and lifelong learning needs of all its citizens.  Providing access to the Internet can enable the Library to expand greatly its information services beyond the traditional collections and resources.

To use computers, please read the following guidelines and rules:

Accuracy/Privacy Disclaimer

The Library assumes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of information obtained through Internet sources.  It should be understood that use in a public environment prevents any guarantee of privacy.

Internet/Computer Use by Minors

Parents or legal guardians will be responsible for the following:

  • Monitoring their child’s access to inappropriate material on the Internet.  The Library cannot control sites that children may select on the Internet, and staff cannot act in place of a parent to do so;
  • Supervise the safety and security of minors when using the Internet;
  • Prevent unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal identification information;
  • Prevent minor’s unauthorized access, or prevent unlawful activities while online.

Internet/Computer Misuse

The Library staff is authorized to refuse anyone access to the Internet or computers who are in violation of Library policy.  Internet/computer violations are as follows:

  • Unauthorized connection to the Library’s network, hacking, and other unlawful activities;
  • More than two people per station;
  • Charging fees to library via Internet workstations;
  • Exhibiting pornographic material on Internet workstations (KRS 531.020);
  • Violating copyright or software licenses while using Internet workstations (US copyright law, Title 17, US Code);
  • Unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal identification information;
  • Intentional damage to workstations, printers, and/or additional property;
  • Altering hardware/software configurations, saving information to the hard drive;

General Rules for Internet/Computer Use

  • The Internet Access/Computer Use Policy will be posted on computer terminals.  By beginning a computer session the patron or guest agrees to abide by the rules stated within this policy.
  • To use computers, patrons must have a Library card. 
  • Visitors may sign in at the circulation desk and will be issued a guest pass.
  • Library computer users must have an account in good standing.  Patrons with fines exceeding $5.00 or overdue materials will be blocked from computer use.
  • Each Library card allows a maximum session time of 180 minutes.  Time may be extended if there are no reservations pending.
  • No more than two people per workstation.
  • The patron is responsible for each page he/she prints. 
  • The computer printer is maintained by a vending company.  Charges are .30 for color prints and .10 for b & w prints.
  • Library staff may offer limited assistance with use on the Library’s computers, but are not available to work one-on-one with individuals using the terminals.
  • One-on-one assistance can be provided through the “Tech Tuesday” program.
  • To save files or documents, patrons must bring their own removable storage device or purchase one from the circulation desk.
  • Reservations are available for computer terminal use.  Persons arriving more than 10 minutes late forfeit the reservation period.